Thursday, August 6, 2009

...In bed....

So I am here sitting in bed. Listening to Trav snore.... lol. I have so much going on in my head I can't seem to organize it all in my life! lol. We love it here... and want to stay. It would really benefit us if we did (ie: Travis's situation with his ex). I love watching all the things that Rae is learning and experiencing. She amazes me everyday! I have a couple of goals. One of them is a secret. I am not sharing, its personal. Another is my scrapbooks. I HAVE to get caught up on them. I have all the stuff... almost . Need to get more pics then I should be good. I also want to take some classes in Photography... down the road but while we are here. So we will see if and when I can get the mojo to get rolling on these things! I love how happy Travis is with his job though, he is very proud to do what he does. As are we of him! lol

I miss home. I miss my house and my family. I know that when we go visit everything and everyone will be same ole, same ole. But it's not being able to just pack up and go to dads for the night to visit. The simple things I guess. Sunday is T's birthday! He is going golfing in the morning, and we will prob go to dinner that night! I am not sure what to get him yet.... as what I wanted to, we can't afford!

Well I guess I am done rambling for now... :)