Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good afternoon!
I still need to shower.... it's my birthday so I have the right to be in my PJ's at noon right?! HAHAHAHA! :D
Daddy and Rae surprised me with gifts (we weren't doing any!) a new bigger Zune and a docking station! I have a smaller one but hubb dropped it in our hot tub in Utah before we moved!!! :o
He made me a WONDERFUL breakfast... is making homemade chicken noodle soup for us this we are going out to explore, and have dinner somewhere! My cold is finally going improving. Rae's got worse yesterday.... every time she coughed she made herself throw up (3 times, once on hubbs back) so it sucked. :( But today she seems better. *crossing fingers* :)
Last night one of daddy's friends came and got the high chair we were using and drove him back to his house. While he was out of the house Rae locked herself in with the KEYS and it was RUNNING! :o They were trying to call me but we don't have service in the house so I wasn't getting any calls! Luckily after them talking to her, they got her to push the right button to unlock it! LOL! :p I thought that was hilarious! It sucks that his friends wife chose not to be friends with us anymore because Rae came back asking to play with thier son for a long time.... :( So we all laid in bed together and fell asleep watching curious George! What a great show! The music makes that show, I had Jack Johnson on while giving birth and luckily... {not like she remembers} She loves the music! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

...In bed....

So I am here sitting in bed. Listening to Trav snore.... lol. I have so much going on in my head I can't seem to organize it all in my life! lol. We love it here... and want to stay. It would really benefit us if we did (ie: Travis's situation with his ex). I love watching all the things that Rae is learning and experiencing. She amazes me everyday! I have a couple of goals. One of them is a secret. I am not sharing, its personal. Another is my scrapbooks. I HAVE to get caught up on them. I have all the stuff... almost . Need to get more pics then I should be good. I also want to take some classes in Photography... down the road but while we are here. So we will see if and when I can get the mojo to get rolling on these things! I love how happy Travis is with his job though, he is very proud to do what he does. As are we of him! lol

I miss home. I miss my house and my family. I know that when we go visit everything and everyone will be same ole, same ole. But it's not being able to just pack up and go to dads for the night to visit. The simple things I guess. Sunday is T's birthday! He is going golfing in the morning, and we will prob go to dinner that night! I am not sure what to get him yet.... as what I wanted to, we can't afford!

Well I guess I am done rambling for now... :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kentucky Gal…


Misc. 051

Rae enjoyed getting wet while daddy put our new bar b que together! Lol. What a beautiful evening!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally! Lol


Misc. 041

Usually Rae cuddles with me to fall asleep at bedtime. She has tried before with daddy but just lays there and plays. Then eventually he passes out, she gets down and wanders around playing….. :(

Tonight she was bound and determined to cuddle with him (maybe because she is sick?). I tried forever to get her to relax (while screaming!) because he has to get up at 4am! So after the 4th time letting her try to sleep with him, she passed out. Cuddled with bear and pushing him off the bed! :) Sweet angel!

G night!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I finally took some time to design a blog for you all to see what we have been up too! Our life has changed so much since moving to Kentucky! Trav no longer works in the bars, and late nights where he gets hardly no sleep! Its a wonderful thing... and took him a while to get use to! lol. He didn't know what to do with his time being off at nights... :) It's a totally different life living on a Army post. You have the bugle horns going off at all different times of the day, 24-7. It has never woken us up or gotten annoying yet, and rae has started to dance to them when she hears it. We have to leave post to go to walmart, or anything else in the 2 little towns close to us. When we head back home, Rae knows the exact spot to ask for her window down so she can say hi to the gards to re-enter post. It is a closed post so they need to check your ID and car before entereing. you better have a good reason to be on here or you get the BOOT! lol
Elizabeth Town, or Radcliff are the two little towns close to us. Radcliff isn't really anything great but E-town has everything and is such a cute little place! We really love it. Louisville is about 40 minutes away, we have gone to the Louisville Slugger Museum, 4th street (which is way cool!), the Louisville Zoo and Makers Mark Distillary (a little farther). On the 4th of July Trav got a pass and so we packed up to go see Jason and have some fun at the beach in South Carolina! It was the family fix that we have been waiting for! Very well worth it!
He is working in an area as a Drill Sergeant that helps privates who have gotten hurt while in basic. He is basically a personal trainer! He is doing PT sometimes 2 or 3 times a day... is on a rotaion 24 hour shift once a week. He has his nights and weekends off! He was a little dissapointed when he got put into this postition instead of being out on the field with the privates and gradutaing them, but has come to like it, and in my opinion makes a great mentor to some of these guys that needed him in their lives. He makes us proud!
Rae and I enjoy our days exploring... doing her ABC's or watching her newest favorite movies: Ice Age 1,2 and 3 (we took her to see it and she asks for it everyday now!). We go to the pool on post or the park across the street. We try to do family walks after dinner as often as we can! She can walk for sometimes 5 blocks before her little legs get tired! lol, or she has to take her little cart or baby stroller with us! I have a lot to do and haven't started any of it yet! I brought all of my scrap stuff to catch up on and hope to take some photography classes while we are here!
For those who I have slacked on emailing about our trip out here... it was good. It wasn't as long as I thought it would be. We drove mostly late nights, arrived at our destinations between 12-2ish am. That way we kind of slept in a bit, then saw some some sites and explored then hit the road again... it was really fun to travel with Raegan too! She was great, we got her a little dvd player, and she was entertained with Elmo most of the time! lol
I'm going to post some links to my photo albums in face book. Feel free to look and enjoy. I'm sorry it took so long to get this done! But better laaaaaate than never right! The order goes from our trip to Kentucky to our latest venture this past Sunday at the Incredible Louisville Zoo! Sorry there are a lot... lol but that's how I am!

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