Sunday, August 16, 2009

Good afternoon!
I still need to shower.... it's my birthday so I have the right to be in my PJ's at noon right?! HAHAHAHA! :D
Daddy and Rae surprised me with gifts (we weren't doing any!) a new bigger Zune and a docking station! I have a smaller one but hubb dropped it in our hot tub in Utah before we moved!!! :o
He made me a WONDERFUL breakfast... is making homemade chicken noodle soup for us this we are going out to explore, and have dinner somewhere! My cold is finally going improving. Rae's got worse yesterday.... every time she coughed she made herself throw up (3 times, once on hubbs back) so it sucked. :( But today she seems better. *crossing fingers* :)
Last night one of daddy's friends came and got the high chair we were using and drove him back to his house. While he was out of the house Rae locked herself in with the KEYS and it was RUNNING! :o They were trying to call me but we don't have service in the house so I wasn't getting any calls! Luckily after them talking to her, they got her to push the right button to unlock it! LOL! :p I thought that was hilarious! It sucks that his friends wife chose not to be friends with us anymore because Rae came back asking to play with thier son for a long time.... :( So we all laid in bed together and fell asleep watching curious George! What a great show! The music makes that show, I had Jack Johnson on while giving birth and luckily... {not like she remembers} She loves the music! Have a great day!